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There is a single thread that drives us all. Whether it's learning to cook or solving complex quadratic equations, the desire to move ourselves and our children closer to major goals is strong.

We deserve the feeling of freedom and abundance that comes with making our mark, so Great Day is challenging you and young learners to try a different method to arrive at your dreams. 

Make a New Story for yourself by revising your goals, creating a new setting and seeing a successful future.


Edit some of the sentences from old chapters that are holding you back and be ready for an accomplished year.


Research now shows that mentally holding a firm, clear vision of your accomplishments, not only gets you there faster, it drastically increases your chance of success.


Imagination gives you creativity in your plan and precision with your action! 

-Albert Einstein


The "New Story" Power-Tool introduces 3 playful downloads to get clear about your goals and take action toward the year and the future you want.

1. New Story:

Review the chapters of your current life story and start drafting the pages of your epic novel with this little playbook. Help children become the author, editor and publisher of their New Story by creating new goals and using their imagination to form a plan of action.  Make your life story a #1 Best Seller! 

2. New Story Board

The beauty is in the details! This download ensures your goals have clear intentions with specific questions related to every area of your life. This is an energizing and highly balanced way to link your imagination with action. Fill in your story board and keep it close. When kids do this, they will see how their current attitudes about school and life can make their future bright.

3. New Story: Setting

This is an organizational method to help adults and kids renew their home and work environment. Connect, sort and clean out. Then add a few new elements to your surroundings that match your new story goals. With the New Story Setting process, children begin to apply organizational methods of goal attainment to their personal and academic lives. Be a good example for your students and children and start creating a new setting together. This tool will give them the life skills needed to be motivated, balanced and capable adults.

Each $3 download you purchase this year helps children receive training in Great Day Curriculum and helps us reach classrooms all over the world.

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Great Day Academics 

Teaches "NEW STORY" To Our Kids!

As educators, our job is to ensure that each child is headed in the direction of their dreams.


A large portion of students leave the school system feeling defeated because they were at a disadvantage from the start. Their self value was determined by their grades and how they rank among their peers.


Great Day has a mission to level the playing field. We show children and teens that their worth isn't set by the score on a standardized test. We develop good character and make their stories based on their perseverance and willingness to truly do their best.


When students create a New Story for themselves, they break free from their Old Story of living by comparison. They are inspired to do well in school to better themselves and have the responsibility, ambition and the ethics to make a positive difference in the world.  


Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla are just two of many brilliant minds who attributed some of the most intellectual advancements in human history to the use of their imagination. 

Imagination is the ability to produce images, ideas and sensations in the mind without any immediate input of the senses. Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience with the learning process.

What you imagine affects your physiology:

Now research says that the actions you only imagine doing are still simulated in your body.


For example, if you only imagine cutting open a lemon and imagine putting pure lemon juice in your mouth, your salivary glands will be triggered.


In the same way, a resent study explains that if you only imagine yourself working out, your body still responds and produces the same hormones and results on a smaller scale.


An actual physical workout, in addition, to doing an imaginative mental rehearsal of the workout is twice as beneficial as doing only one or the other - WOW!

I spent far too much time over analyzing lessons and spinning my wheels. While this method seemed to achieve many goals for my work and personal life, I burned out early on. I noticed that my best lessons and projects came from my imagination while laying in bed, taking a shower or washing the dishes. A spark or flash of inspiration in the form of an image was all it took to show me exactly the best way to go. Strengthening this imaging faculty made my goals come into a more natural flow. I spend less time going around in circles and more time taking inspired action. When I can see clearly in my imagination, my reality follows, relieving me of physical and mental strain and adding more gratifying checks off my "to do list."  

This too, is my wish for you!

Adrienne Collins

Educator | Founder


Our intention is for you to live a fulfilling life. You thriving is the best hope for our children and future. So if this tool doesn't resonate with you, pass it along to someone who could use it and find something that empowers you! 


Here are a couple of book recommendations that may help you along your path:

Marie Kondo - "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" 

Louise Hay - "You Can Heal Your Life"

Kate Northrop - "Money a Love Story"

For your children:

Dan Yaccarino - "I Am A Story"

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