The featured Power-Tool for the month of June 

is dirt, literally!

It’s been used for billions of years to nourish and strengthen intelligence on Earth.

However, regardless of its age, I would like to share with you a strange, yet fresh take on this dinosaur of a brain boosting tool!


Next to good healthh and happines, one of the things i want most for my daughter, my nieces, nephews and students is- to be emotional levelgeaded, stable stromg enough to

center themselves affter, in te midst of being frustraited , anxius, upset,, overstimulayed

hpnpring their eations, but level headed emough to 


Grounding is getting our children back to nature to help them focus their mind and expel excess energy to calm their bodies. 

Anytime spend outside is good. Encourage them to run, play , etc.

When children spend quiet time outside

Spending time in their bare feet

Instead of timeout, try redirecting your child outside.Have them sit or stand in any small patch of grass or ground you can find. If you are fortunate enough to have a nice shady tree, in some shade with a nice cold glass of water.