Use this group activity to start your school day and face your problems right away. With read aloud recommendations and an easy to follow instructional guide, you can lead 7 Days worth of community bulding meetings in your class or home.


Parents and teachers, use the stress management technnique and fun sheets to help your young learners find healthy ways to resolve some of the issues they keep bottled up inside.


The Tree of Change activity is designed to help children express their emotions, identify life challenges and practice a healthy emotional resilience technique.


Keeping strong emotions inside can negatively impact a child’s learning, as well as, their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


The Bonus Extension Activities will allow you to build on these lessons and continue to practice resilience and a growth mindset all the way through the spring season ahead.

THE TREE OF CHANGE: Solving Big Problems in Little Morning Meetings - Grades 3-7