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The unpredictability of the school year has added extra stress to life at home, but establishing family goals can help create emotional stability and resilience. When children have a voice in setting the rules and boundaries, they tend to be more responsible and can bounce back faster in challenging situations.


Personalize your own Family Pact with this group project!  Use it to foster a sense of connection and purpose among your family members or as a starting point to begin family meetings.


When miscommunication sets in and emotions run strong, you can get back on track with your "Family Pact"!


The funsheets, SEL bonuses and journaling pages will guide you each step of the way, but the design of your Family Pact is completely up to you! Type and print your copy OR hand write it on large chart paper for a life-sized display.


Each family member will sign or initial to make it official!

OUR FAMILY PACT: Get on Track With A Family Pact!

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