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Help students navigate the school year with a motivated mindset and  purpose! 


This resource includes a 21 page, printable PDF for teens and tweens to use throughout the school year. As they journal, they'll set goals, learn about resilience, self-care, self-reflection and add personalized artifacts to keep them inspired to learn. They'll also define their values and build the grit needed to make the most of each school year!


There's More:

Complete a journal for yourself as your students and children complete their own. Take a few minutes each day to share and discuss your entries together. Build an unbreakable bond and set a positive tone for the school year.  Click HERE to check it out!  


  • Why I Teach : For Educators
  • Why I Learn: For Students
  • Why I Parent: For Parents and Gaurdians

WHY I LEARN: School Fuel For Keeping Tweens & Teens Motivated This Year

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