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Thriving during the school year means having a motivated mindset! The "Optimistic School" instant download includes three mini posters that will inspire and remind teachers, students and parents to stay mentally resilient when challenges come their way.


Download, print and post!


Recite and repeat any of the nine mind-shifting mantras to build a more positive learning environment and optimistic classroom culture each day!


Printing Tips:

For best results, print any size you choose at your local print shop or print on standarded size cardstock from your own printer.


There's More:

Looking for more ways to build emotional, physical and mental resilience this year? Need more inspiration to educate and motivate? The Optimistic Educator, The Optimistic Parent and The Optimistic Student that you're getting ready to download is also included in the "Why I Teach" series of journals aimed to add more school fuel will last until the spring. Click HERE to check it out!  


  • Why I Teach : For Educators
  • Why I Learn: For Students
  • Why I Parent: For Parents and Gaurdians

THE OPTIMISTIC SCHOOL - Motivating Mini Posters with Nine Remarkable Reminders

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