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Mrs. Adrienne Collins, M.Ed.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching Early Childhood Education, I set out to be an educator in the Gwinnett County Public School system, a well renowned school district in northern Georgia and the 14th largest urban school district in the U.S. As a young teacher, leadership positions quickly found me. This was a perceived challenge for this once overtly shy schoolgirl. Stepping out of my comfort zone to become a new, minority leader in a well- established teaching community proved to fuel my educational prowess, in turn, inspiring students to rise above intimidating circumstances.

After just a few years of early mornings, late evenings and a sprinkle of weekend trips back to the classroom, I had become an effective educator and was highly regarded in my field. By using my natural connection with children, my students quickly excelled. My experience in the classroom includes, but is not limited to, implementation of core curriculum instruction in all subject areas for diverse groups of fifth grade students, gifted education teacher for elementary grade levels, as well as, middle school reading intervention specialist. In addition to experience in the classroom, instructing immigrant and refugee middle school students at the Center for Pan Asian Community Services was an experience I will always treasure.

A small collection of my accomplishments in leadership include, designing a motivational summer program for “at-risk” students, assisting the Gwinnett County Standards Revisions Committee to make improvements to the Language Arts Curriculum Maps, serving as lab classroom teacher to model the Literacy Collaborative Framework for administrators and teachers, being the grade level chairperson and representative for the school-wide Leadership Team, Co-establishing the first Honors Math and Writing Program for intellectually advanced students and being a working member of the state-wide Bias Review Committee in which representatives from each county participated in a series of meetings regarding the redevelopment of state standardized testing.

Over the span of fourteen years, I have had the opportunity to educate students in multiple Title I public school districts across the continental United States, to include Hawaii. With a reputation for creative lesson plans, passionate instruction, and exceptional classroom management skills, I attribute my students’ impeccable success rate to holistic education. 

Making it my mission to serve students by placing inspiration and empowerment at the forefront of my teaching agenda has earned a title of being the first African American ‘Teacher of the Year’ for Cedar Hill Elementary School and first woman of color to serve as Vice President of the TAMC School Board in North Carolina.

Another major accolade that I am so grateful for was being ranked as one of the top 20 educators, out of 17,000, for the Gwinnett County Public School system – a system of world-class schools and winners of the Broad Prize for Urban Education.

Now, I give thanks to the countless parents and teachers across the country whose inspiring work has pushed me to be a better educator and advocate for children. I dedicate the mission of Great Day Academics to you!

"Life purpose should always include a form of service that enriches the lives of others." - Adrienne Collins

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