We create curriculum that teaches young people to embrace a "we conscious mindset". A concept that is critical for future leaders.They begin to take a deep look at how their thoughts, beliefs and actions effect their own lives and the lives of others. 


As a part of the Great Day experience, students are led to be conscious decision-makers who achieve both personal and academic goals.


With our help, boys and girls transform into their very own superheroes -- knowing that they have the authentic power to bring about good and create the lives they wish to lead.


“An inspired child is an unstoppable student — 

An unstoppable student is an unlimited individual.”

         -​​ Adrienne Collins | Founder

Heart Intelligence

Helping students navigate their way out of  depression, bullying and peer pressure with integrity and peace of mind

Showing every child that their self-worth does not dependent on what others think 


Understanding that happiness is a choice and does not rely on your circumstances nor the things you have or don't have

what is heart intelligence?

Part of our mission is to shine a spotlight on heart intelligence

Being heart-smart allows you to use your internal navigation system to make great decisions. 

Balancing intellectual learning with education in heart intelligence is the best way to ensure that children can make good life decisions. Being heart-smart gives students a heightened sense of self-awareness, which leads to better intuition. This means, their ability to make good decisions becomes routine, allowing their confidence to flourish. As a result, students transcend blocks in their academic learning and begin to feel good about their experiences at school.

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.” 

            -  Dalai Lama

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