Great Day Academics has a full school year's worth of powerful lessons designed to build an unshakable foundation of resilience, connection and growth for you and the students you serve.


One major Unit is featured every month and includes a host of downloadable activities, book recommendations for children, teens and adults, as well as, inspirational workshops. Each month's researched-based lessons build on the next. The aim of a monthly focus is to simplify and streamline the progress of each person, just as you would in the core academic areas.


Each unit of lessons expire at the close of every month to encourage consistency and habit change. With 21 to 30 days being the optimal time frame to produce new habits, one monthly focus allows you the freedom to form a routine and really grasp each concept. In addition, it eliminates the burden of being overwhelmed with several techniques all at once.

If you like the lessons, but want to really master these concepts, sign up for the workshops, that educate and motivate you, parents, educators and children to make these tools have a lasting impact both academically and personally.  

You  were designed with no competition in mind; a unique individual whose greatest gift is being exactly who you are. Practice these lessons and make your personal life story your greatest source of inspiration for others and be the change you wish to see in the coming generations.


these monthly lessons are aimed to improve: 

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