A compassionate, mindful classroom strengthens the effectiveness of a teacher, builds character, optimizes instruction  and allows more time for learning.



Teacher Talks

Monthly professional development in the form of inspirational workshops. Ten powerful talks that include resources for teachers, activities for students and engaging practices designed to build character, foster social-emotional learning and take academics learning to new heights. Make your school community thrive with resilient classrooms and motivated educators who meet the needs of their students with less stress and greater impact. 



Monthly Sessions Now Available

The Resilient Classroom

Give your students the cognitive edge in class by practicing physical, emotional and mental resilience strategies. Invite a Great Day Guide to your classroom to facilitate mindful practices to help them manage stress, recover from mistakes, self-regulate behavior and prevent emotional set-backs.


Life Readiness Camp

In this three-week, motivational school preparatory experience, children will be challenged to set a strong foundation of personal and academic goals for the upcoming the school year.


Participants will learn to think with both their hearts and minds as they are introduced to a series of concepts and tools designed to broaden their current ways of relating to the world around them.


Brainstorming activities, creative projects, mindfulness practices, self-regulation techniques, wellness awareness, goal setting and thought-provoking group discussions are just a few extraordinary aspects of this empowering program. 

School Transformation

Need an SEL plan for your school that works? This in-person consult includes a school-wide strategy to build stronger bonds in your learning community and allow for a more positive and productive learning environment. After talking with staff members and observing your students, we provide personalized feedback to support the social and emotional needs of your students.



This collection of essential Life Lessons, skills, and practices include concepts from the world's most influential leaders. One major, lesson topic is released each month with downloadable ...in the fundamental life lessons that shape the way we live. Designed for studenst ages 8 - 18, these ideas shown to add values to the lives of people age 3 to 89in forgiveness, strong character, healthy relationships, self-reflection, non-judgement, goal-setting, decision-making being present, living with purpose, ambition, failure, stress management and ways to maximize what it means to be human. Supported with scientific research and evidence-based studies, these lessons will equip students, parents and teachers with empowering tools and so much more to support and go beyond the Common Core.  




Life Lessons

Download our monthly Life Lesson discussion topics to learn for yourself and share with your young ones the skills needed to successfully navigate through life's challenges. Use the activities at home for your kids or for your own personal growth to help improve your health, wealth, relationships and set new goals.  With lessons in gratitude, self-love, resilience, humanity and so much more you'll strengthen the connection between you and your children and rest assured that your young ones will make good decisions as they grow.

Home School Curriculum

Character building and social-emotional learning made easy with a full school year's worth of downloads, lessons, tools, activities and book recommendations. For additional support, contact us for in-person workshops for your home-schooling group.

a happy parent is one of the best gifts a child can have.



The majority of these services and programs are currently geared toward children in grades 3 through 8. Around the age of 11 years old, children generally begin to energetically reach for more independence from their parents and guardians. It can be a very sensitive time that calls for an increase in compassion. Guidance about the world around them and more mindful practices will help strengthen the relationship they have with themselves and the adults in their lives.

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We are a growing organization whose chief aim is to bring an awareness to your youth community. This means we are willing and able to adapt and create a service that best fits your needs.

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