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The intention of Great Day Academics is to broaden the intellectual spirit of school communities by bringing a powerful collection of lessons, concepts and practices from the most inspirational leaders in the world into the school system.


It is our goal to upgrade each child's education by illustrating the importance of imagination and mind-body awareness as a form of intelligence that will improve the lives and intellect of our youth.


We challenge teachers, parents and students to expand their conventional ways of thinking, reexamine how they wish to define and achieve success and get them started on the road of accomplishment.

Great Day Academics will ignite the exceptional light that each child has within, thus empowering them to fulfill their highest potential in all aspects of life.


These programs and services will inspire each individual to be self-aware, honest, compassionate and focused leaders who make positive contributions to our society.


Students will know how to consciously navigate through today’s surrounding distractions by using their natural sense of intuition and concentrating on life goals.

Ultimately, all participants will have the ability to:

See themselves in others

Believe in who they are

Make conscious choices regarding their well-being

Express gratitude for every great day-


making certain that our world has a brighter, more united future.

imagination + determination = a bright future

if you can envision a bright future for yourself, you can make it so.

Everything that exists in our contemporary world first started in someone's imagination. If we teach children to be masters of their minds, they will create a future for us more brilliant than anything we've ever seen.

"the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination."

               -Albert Einstien

“One of the greatest joys of my life is to empower children by reminding them that the world is waiting, watching, listening and eager for them to fulfill their life purpose.”

       -Adrienne Collins | Founder

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