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Introducing the "Classroom Kindness Counts" project, an engaging, self-paced, two-part project that dives into the science of kindness! 


These aren't your average kindness lessons! Students in grades 3 through 10 will explore how kindness can end war and even help them live longer. 


Designed as a kindness awareness resource and community action initiative, "Classroom Kindness Counts" is perfect for nurturing a generation that understands the powerful benefits of kindness!


Start with Part 1: Kindness Project Prep. There, you'll spend just a few minutes each day on the discussion topics and mini lessons to set the stage for students to begin taking action all on their own! 


After your young learners explore the lessons, activities and the kindness prep quiz, they can jump right into the independent portion of the mission, Part 2: Classroom Kindness Counts Project. Here they will create new habits of kindness through their daily thoughts, words and actions.


 Watch as they pick and choose from over 50 unique acts of kindness to complete.


Soon they'll see the good in themselves, in others and in humanity! 



CLASSROOM KINDNESS COUNTS: An Action Packed Project on the Science of Kindness

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