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"United We Stand" is a great way  to introduce tough topics

 about race, racism, unity, understanding differences, resilience, conflict resolution, compassion and kindness.  


Inside, there are stories about real acts of bravery, award-winning poetry and social-emotional learning practices for kids ages 8 through 18.


Whether you teach at home or school, this tool will get your kids talking about how they can do their part for humanity!


With lots of opportunities to write, draw, self-reflect and connect with family members or peers -- United We Stand  provides a sequenced road map to build open, honest dialogue.


It can be used as an indivdual workspace for older children, or as a discussion guide during your Family and Classroom Meetings. 


One person has the power to make a world of difference for humanity. If we all do our part, just imagine what would happen!



UNITED WE STAND: Helping Kids and Teens Tackle Big Topics on Race and Humanity

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