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Great Day Story

Grandparent Love
Grandma Evelyn
Grandpa Robert
Grandma Bay

My ancestors were extraordinary human beings!

It was through adversity that they embodied an appreciation for what truly mattered.


I was raised with stories told about my grandparent's hardships and joys in life. The contrast of personal struggles, racism, illness and the atrocities of inhuman treatment in a post-slavery America during the early 1900s, helped uncover a remarkable sense of gratitude for love, laughter, and life itself. During these times, it was easy to succumb to adversities, however, by tuning into the good and changing their perspective, they were able to transcend societal limitations and create a life full of abundance. My grandparents never allowed circumstances to take away their happiness and love. No one would ever have guessed how many challenges and loses they had faced even before my parents were born.

My grandmother, Evelyn, found peace and joy during family gatherings when everyone was well. “GREAT DAY,” was what my grandfather, Robert, exclaimed at the sight of young children in good health and happiness.

”Great day”- this simple, positive affirmation that my grandfather spoke resonated with me and made a profound impact on how I chose to look at the world we live in. I learned that by searching inside myself, I can dissolve perceived obstacles. No matter what was happening on the outside, I had the power to make every day a “great day” by being thankful for the present moment.

The concept of infusing these great, timeless teachings into our academic system was born! Embracing the spirit of my elders and remembering these lessons are important to me and has proven to create good in my life. In turn, what better way to evolve our youth’s education than to teach children practical, mindful ways to be resilient when it comes to achieving goals. By diverting focus away from fear-based thinking of lack and limitations, students can see how powerful their minds are. When they acknowledge the beauty of perspective and inner wisdom, they can learn to trust their intuitive nature- using it as a compass to navigate their way to greatness in their outer world.

It is my belief that at the core of an individual’s life journey, the soul is simply seeking to live each day in abundance, happiness and well-being - A GREAT DAY for themselves and for others.

With love and gratitude,

Adrienne Collins

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