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Why Choose
Great Day Experience?

Great Day Academics is right for your children, students or youth community if

  • You have a desire to elevate the standard of education for children

  • You wish to see kids eager about leading a purpose- filled life

  • You see the value of children taking ownership of their health, learning and how they interact with others


  • You want your community, school or home climate to shift to a more optimistic, compassionate and conscious level


  • It excites you to witness students celebrating unique differences, yet honoring their similarities


  • You want a strong, positive, thriving relationship with your children

  • You know the benefits of Social - Emotional Learning


  • Taking a proactive approach to enhancing the student success rate is of great importance to you

It is our responsibility as adults to honor the true colors of our youth. It is our privilege to enhance their mind, body and spirit through education. Let it be our intention to celebrate what makes our schools great, yet challenge our current methods and present the evolved form of education that they deserve.

       - Adrienne Collins | Founder


We can no longer ignore the empirical evidence that shows that our children are asking for a deeper connection in their life experiences. Let's  answer that call together and help reveal each child's

true self - their best self.


children's empowerment is giving your child the gift of

inner strength to be their best self,

pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles.


--Maureen Healy

A small child believing in his or her own greatness has an enormous impact

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