Children's Empowerment Services

Powering the mind with heart-smart learning

take responsibility for their future,

value their education and

have a greater appreciation for the world around them.

Explore one new lesson each month.

Our Curriculum

We Teach

Resilience, Gratitude, Personal Responsibility, Overcoming Emotional Adversity, Growth Mindset, Purpose, How to Generate Healthy Relationships, Grit, Intuition, Self-Love, Initiative, Honesty, Self-Awareness, Compassion, Goal Setting, Good Character and so much more.

You Learn

You learn lessons that challenge you to move past limitations and create a life you love.

Children use intellect and inner awareness to make smart life decisions in school, in their relationships, for their health and careers.


Learning so much more to support and go beyond the Common Core.

 you Are driven
you are creative, you are smart, you are empathetic,
you are dedicated
As educators and parents, we work tirelessly to ensure our children have a future far brighter than even they can imagine.
We plan, we instruct, we motivate. We nurture, we hope for the best and we deserve a gift. 
This gift is based on the premise that when our kids have a sense of belonging and FEEL safe, connected and supported, our job to teach is remarkably easier.
Each lesson that Great Day provides brings balance into our homes and classrooms. It is the sense of well-being that our kids deserve in order to perform at their best in every capacity of life.
gifting us with:
time to inspire 
space to enjoy our day 
ease to implement incredible lessons 
sanity to thrive at what we love doing most!
Adrienne Collins | Founder

Heart and Brain Balance

Founder | Adrienne Collins

There is an energetic shift taking place 

-  in our school system  -

and I know you can feel it too!

It's time for an evolved form of education. It's time to celebrate what makes our schools outstanding, yet challenge our current methods. Let's dissolve the stress, burnout and violence that overshadows the exceptional aspects of our education system. Implementing a balance of heart intelligence and conscious intellect during our school day will create a foundation for every child to: 

take responsibility for their future

value their education


have a greater appreciation for the world around them.

Making future generations smarter and more compassionate than ever before.

Who Is The Great Day Experience For? 

  • Goal Setting

  • Problem Solving

  • Focus

  • Resilience

  • Creativity

  • Class Participation

  • Self Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Imagination

  • Relationship Building

  • Digital Detox

  • Grades

  • Initiative

  • Self-esteem 

  • Decision Making

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Increases Cognitive Abilities

Mindfulness practices are essential for creating a balance between the use of your brain and heart. It is scientifically proven that children who habitually use these practices and learn mind - body awareness, reduce anxiety and increase cognitive abilities.

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