Meet The Founder

Personal Bio

  • Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter & Friend

  • Soccer Player

  • Mount Fuji Climber

  • Food Lover

I grew up in a loving home in the Midwest with two sisters. My mother and father were raised in the south during the Civil Rights Movement and surrounded me with a strong sense of heritage and compassion.


However, even under the protective care of a peaceful home life, I was still destined to overcome hardships in health and low self-esteem. In school, I was stifled by overwhelming feelings of low self-confidence and dyslexia. Terrified that other students and teachers would find out how different I was, I rarely spoke in class. Negative internal mantras of self-doubt plagued my school years. These limiting beliefs and inner lies that I believed, blocked me from seeing my full potential. Until, my fifth grade teacher took time to connect and provide encouraging words of inspiration. This would spark the desire to become a teacher and reach students by using genuine compassion.

Now, as a mother and military spouse, I make it my personal goal to live each day with good intentions and positive purpose.


If I'm not contemplating ways to make the world a better place, you can find me on the soccer field.  Kickboxing and yoga are other forms of fun fitness that I gets a kick out of!


Studying metaphysics, neuroscience and other natural sciences have always intrigued me. I pride myself on being relatively health conscious and love experimenting with clean meals for my family.


I get my inspiration from listening to spiritual teachers and leaders of all religious backgrounds.


Although I am thankful for the stillness of being at home with friends and family, I am also fond of traveling to new places and meeting different people.

 with love and gratitude for my spiritual teachers, friends and family who taught me happiness is something you choose.

Adrienne Collins